Real world data collecting tools

C2L Equipment consists of experts who have experience of 2D, 3D data collection and process, navigation, image processing and many other related projects.

The main business fields include the hardware development and manufacturing which collects the geographical and facility data of construction, civil engineering, disaster, accident management. A conversion software development is also main business.

MMS based solution
consulting provider

Post-process and calibration solution provider.
Geospatial information extraction and processing solution provider.
Service solution and other consulting provider.

MMS data collection, processing and providing the final product

MMS data collection at land, on air and indoor.
Collected data processing and providing the final product.
Collected data classification and supplying the final product.

MMS related sensors development
and supply

DSLR Panoramic camera device development and supply.

Applanix products supply.

Quanergy LiDAR supply.

LiDAR Sensors

Quanergy is the leading manufacturer of
3D time-of-flight LiDAR sensors designed from the ground up to meet all four key commercialization criteria

Inertial Navigation System

When most organizations talk of being a global enterprise, the label is more figurative than literal. As a world leader in products and solutions for Mobile Mapping and Positioning

GeoSpatial Technologies

orbit GeoSpatial Technologies provides product and serices to maximize the effective integration of geospatial data throughout your organization's workflows

VTOL Drone for Mapping & Surveying

Meet WingtraOne: brilliant image quality,
greater coverage and usage simplicity make WingtraOne the best choice for commercial drone applications

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